as of Oct. 3rd 2014, Paddle Puck, Petscii Paint, TankGame, Night Of The Living Nerd, Dynamic Color Gradient Generator and Flying Saucers Attack are open source, re-released under the MIT license and their assets(with some exceptions) are released under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license (check the LICENSE.txt in each archive for details)
Refugee Lib ~ (wip) open source javascript library for making games and tools
Pro Motion Color Balance Plugin ~ a plugin I wrote to add color balancing to Cosmigo's Pro Motion
Paddle Puck ~ my first two player network game prototype
PETSCII paint ~ a tool I wrote for creating C64 charset art
TankGame ~ my first two player game project
Night Of The Living Nerd ~ a two man team effort for Speedhack2007
Chickens ~ a legendary puzzle game by Andrei Ellman for which I made graphics and animations
Dynamic Color Gradient Generator ~ a tool I wrote for creating non-trivial gradients
Flying Saucers attack ~ my first completed game project
Dynamic Color Gradient Generator ~ last updated on January 24th 2010 

The Dynamic Color Gradient Generator is a little tool I wrote to generate beautyful and interesting color gradients based on freely definable, parametrized objects I called color attractors. Take a look at the screenshots for details and play around with the examples in the archive to see how it works and have fun creating some colorful images! The created gradients can be exported/generated into bitmap files of arbitrary resolution, so you can then further process them in your favourite imaging tools.

project downloads
for Windows ~ C++ source is included (for compiling you need Allegro4[1])

project links
depot page ~ on

[1] ~ Allegro game programming library (API4) on

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