as of Oct. 3rd 2014, Paddle Puck, Petscii Paint, TankGame, Night Of The Living Nerd, Dynamic Color Gradient Generator and Flying Saucers Attack are open source, re-released under the MIT license and their assets(with some exceptions) are released under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license (check the LICENSE.txt in each archive for details)
Refugee Lib ~ (wip) open source javascript library for making games and tools
Pro Motion Color Balance Plugin ~ a plugin I wrote to add color balancing to Cosmigo's Pro Motion
Paddle Puck ~ my first two player network game prototype
PETSCII paint ~ a tool I wrote for creating C64 charset art
TankGame ~ my first two player game project
Night Of The Living Nerd ~ a two man team effort for Speedhack2007
Chickens ~ a legendary puzzle game by Andrei Ellman for which I made graphics and animations
Dynamic Color Gradient Generator ~ a tool I wrote for creating non-trivial gradients
Flying Saucers attack ~ my first completed game project
PETSCII paint ~ last updated on September 11th 2011 

PETSCII paint is a simple tool for creating tile based pixel art using the C64 charset(s) elements as tiles. It is/was written in BASIC on a C64 emulated under the VICE[1] emulator which I also recommend for running this on your PC. Version 0.5 is a complete rewrite(also with new features) in C, using the cc65[2] compiler.

project downloads
v.0.5 for C64/Emulator ~ d64 disk image, manual and C sourcecode included
v.0.4 for C64/Emulator ~ d64 disk image and manual included

[1] ~ the VICE emulator on
[2] ~ the cc65 compiler on

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